About Us

Monta Vista Market is locally-owned and managed by Peter and Gail Yessne,  long-time residents of Cupertino.  They have been gardening organically in Monta Vista for more than 25 years. 


As available, Peter and Gail plan to offer their Cupertino-grown produce for purchase at the store.  While not certiifed organic, their vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides, hericides, insecticides, or chemical fertilizers.  Peter and Gail use organic compost generated from their kitchen and garden waste, supplementing periodically with locally generated compost made with horse and chicken manure.


Monta Vista Market has also established a business partnership with ALBA, the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association, based in Salinas CA   Two percent of the store's sales is donated to further ALBA's mission of training low income farm workers to become self-sustaining organic farmers. In turn, ALBA is a primary produce supplier to Monta Vista Market.


The employees at Monta Vista Market are encouraged to be knowledgeable in various aspects of organic produce and organic agriculture, so that they can answer your questions about use of vegetables, fruits, and other organic food offered at the store.  If we can't answer your question immediately, we'll do the research and let you know the answer!